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Unfortunately for some, the V8 Hire Car is now fully booked for the remainder of the season

Just need temp licence and overalls/helmet
 Can also hire for a practice day if required

To book or simply for more details, contact Daryl Harris 07956 358918 email:darylharris32@yahoo.co.uk
OR direct to Peter Scott at the tracks

Still thinking of the Scott family at this time & wishing Peter Scott Jnr a full recovery

Updated September 6th

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The latest instalment of the v8 stock car series was held on the 17th of August at Aldershot raceway. 15 cars were in attendance.
The drivers were greeted by changeable weather for practise and heat 1 and as the drivers started heat 1 it was dry but the track was
greasy off the racing line.
After the first few laps on a drying track it was the 123 Safari engineering car being raced again by Dave Miles Jr that took up the running.
Dave looked to be really enjoying himself. It was a real sight-seeing the silver machine coming up the back straight power sliding sideways
all the way into turn 3. The 81 car of David Moss came to a stop on the exit of turn 2 just before half way ending his meeting and bringing
out the first Caution of the meeting. As the field of car lined up behind the pace car the race leader miles jr saw his lead disappear but it
was the car of David Burton (7) who got to close up on the rest of the cars, after an earlier spin. After the re start the 123 car pulled to
the infield and retires. Leaving Peter Scott (98) to take the lead and cruise to another Heat win at Aldershot in 2014.
Two drivers were missing from the start of heat 2, Dave miles Jr and Dave Moss both sat this one out. If heat 1 was a display of
power and drift from 123 then heat 2 in contrast was a display of controlled and consistent driving by Robert Harris (31). I am sure Daryl
Harris had a heart in mouth moment as his bonnet decided to un attach itself from his car and momentarily block his view, then came
to rest on the outside of turn four. David Burton was hunting Robert down for nearly all the race but the smoothness of Harris proved
the key as he took the Chequered flag for his first win of his return.
Next up was the Southern Championship Final. The cars all lined up for the start of the race and the race commentator did his best to
build a bit of excitement introducing the drivers. It sounded like a who’s who of V8 champions and champions elect. The race did not
disappoint either. The bumpers were flying. Unfortunately the (3) and (81) cars were missing from this race but Dave Miles jr (123)
was back out after earlier battery troubles. The commentator was keen to point out that Dave Miles (124) was the defending Southern
Champion so it was down to Jr to defend it.
The race was led away again by Dave Williamson (348). The first to mount a challenge was Rob Beale but his race was ended soon
enough when his car made contact with the leader. Then on lap 3 Dave Miles jr made his challenge for the lead, only to find himself
spinning after contact with the leader, Unfortunately for Daryl Harris (32) he had his progress blocked by the spin as well. A couple more
laps pass and this time in turns 3-4 the London Champion Karl Turner (277) went into a spin in front of Daniel Moss (895) and
Harris (32) again. This time Harris’ car stalled and finished any hope of a strong final placing for him. All this action in the first
5-6 laps meant that the new English Champion David Burton was about to hit the front and the race leader. Moving Williamson (348)
to one side and taking the lead. Closely followed by Robert Harris (31). The 348 car then took contact from both Michael Moore (466)
and Peter Faggeter (371) breaking his front suspension. The order just after halfway was. 7 , 31 , 98 , 29, 466. Heat 2 winner
Robert Harris (31) wasted no time moving into the lead and then consolidated his position by getting past some backmarkers.
Giving himself that protection of 1 or 2 cars in between himself and Burton (7) was the key to Victory. As the laps wound down there
was action throughout the field and good Stock car racing for all places. The crowd were again treated to a fine display from
the V8’s and congratulations to Robert Harris on his first Final win of his return. And the New Southern Champion.

Heat 1 - 98 Peter Scott, 31, 895, 29, 7, 466.
Heat 2 - 31 Robert Harris, 7, 98, 32, 29, 895.
Final -
Southern Championship
31 Robert Harris, 7 David Burton, 98 Peter Scott,
29, 466, 123, 32, 371, 277, 323.

For more pictures of the V8s, and others, go to
'Petrolhead Images' brilliant facebook page
(click the image)

Next Meeting: Wimbledon 5th October
Come on those with cars,
Superstox World Final at the same meeting,
now there's an incentive to get your car back out!

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V8 Stock Car
For more info and price contact Jamie on 07894349938


All pictures from Aldershot now on 'Petrolhead Images' facebook page
Click their logo above to go there

Brad Moss has his car all stripped out in order to straighten both front and
rear engine plates. Brad has also been let down for a gearbox so if anyone
knows of a cheapish Doug Nash or Elite box available, please contact Brad
on 07908106170. Brad also has the following for sale:
 8 X 13 inch steel wheels Sherpa pattern. With different back spacing
Up to 10 available £ 40 each can take to Wimbledon
Mark Williams(29) has now sold his car but will be out at Wimbledon
in a new one
Not confirmed as yet but the rumour is that the hire car has now been sold to
Karl Turner(277) and a 'new' hire car will be available for next season

Who's up for a laugh? Let's give the drivers' some nicknames!
Keep those suggestions coming
Best so far seems to be #32 Daryl 'Action Man' Harris
To see the other suggestions, go to the forum

Congratulations to Robert Harris on winning the Southern championship
Wanted - Morris 1000, Ford Anglia or similar for project
Any condition considered - contact v8stockcars
Footage from early 60's at Brafield, which was shown on BBC4
is on the v8stockcars.co.uk youtube channel




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As mentioned elsewhere, F1/Senior stock cars prior to the SCOTA split, are part of
the V8s extended history. Below we have something for all you BriSCA folk as well.
Click the picture to take you to another page with bigger images, where hopefully
you'll be able to read the articles - now clearer thanks to Les Cotton's handywork.

Model Stock Cars

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