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Unfortunately for some, the V8 Hire Car is now fully booked for the remainder of the
season - however, it is hoped that there will be another hire car available shortly.
More news as and when we hear of any.

         Only 300 for a full meeting
Just need temp licence and overalls/helmet
 Can also hire for a practice day if required

To book or simply for more details, contact Daryl Harris 07956 358918 email:darylharris32@yahoo.co.uk
OR direct to Peter Scott at the tracks

Still thinking of the Scott family at this time & wishing Peter Scott Jnr a full recovery

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Updated July 16th

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Aldershot 22nd June meeting report.

"The Real Beale"

 Another glorious sunny day welcomed the 16 drivers in attendance for the latest instalment of the v8 stockcars 2014 season. notable attendee Simon Turner 324 the former super star grade driver was out in the Ahern Waste Hire car usually  at the disposal of Karl Turner. Unfortunately 24 Smith and 50 White were absent. With these two hopefully with cars available soon and action man Harris 32 back from his tour the formula is going from strength to strength. 

Heat 1

 Heat 1 starts off with 135 Roy Williams taking up the early running. With 124 Dave Miles Snr and 466 MIchael Moore in pursuit. As the race progresses the field of cars settle
into a natural rhythm and the order at 1/2 distance is.

124, 466, 27 Malcom Burton, 895 Daniel Moss, 98 Peter Scott,
2 Rob Beale, 81 David Moss, 324 Simon Turner , 323 John Turner.

124 Miles has a good lead of 3-4 car lengths over 466 but 27 Burton is closing now with 98 in hot pursuit. As the leader
start to negotiate some of the slower traffic 98 dives down the inside of the 27 car but the Burton coming off the back of a final victory last time out weighted in with the bumper going into
turn 3 to retake the place. Using the spinning 135 car of Williams as a blocker for the 98 car. Then as 27 Burton makes his move for second passing the 466 car the leader spins in turns 1 and 2 making the 27 the new leader. followed by 895,98,466. with three laps to go 98 Scott moves up the inside of the leader only for the move to be reversed going into turn 1 on the next lap. 98 Scotts' line looks to be compromised going down the back straight with Burton on the inside and 35 Bruce Joplin who was have a steady drive in front.  The 98 driver thou uses all of his experience to use the left side of his car to move the 27 car over enough to get past 35 and take the lead. going into turn 3 for the last time the 27 car looks too far back to go for the victory, But the 27 car goes for it only to miss and hit the marker tyre taking him out of contention and nearly collecting 895 Daniel Moss in the process. the final result was a Peter Scott win but he didn't have it as easy as some of his previous victories .

Official Standings : 98 Peter Scott, 895, 466, 2, 324, 124, 29, 371, 323, 81.

 Heat 2

 Heat 2 and the field of cars are reduced to 14 cars. 27 with Race damage from the closing part of heat 1 and 15 with transmission failure.

348 Dave Williamson was a retiree before the race starts which is lead away by the confidence growing 135 Car of Roy Williams. followed by 124, 466 and 3 Andy Faggerter .  The 3 car was doing its best impression of a smoke screen. Early on with the outside rear tyre rubbing against a bumper. Unfortunatly the 135 car was to spin out of the lead and collected the chasing car of Rob Beale and slowing the progress of the 3 car. The running order at Ĺ distance is : 124 ,98, 895, 81, 324, 29, 323, 371 Peter Faggerter 466,35 and 3.

All the cars again settle in to the race and are really showing the crowd what this formula is all about. In the closing stages 98 Peter Scott moves past 124 Dave Miles to take the lead and his customary 2nd heat win of the day. The drama was not over thou as going into turn 3-4 for the last time the 124 car spins out of second place leaving the finishing order as:

 Official Standings : 98 Peter Scott, 895, 324, 29, 81, 323, 466, 371, 3, 35

 The 3 of Andy Faggerter  finishes the race just outside the points still smoking the tyre on the outside rear and just goes to show how good the sidewall is on those old Avon7.3 tyres. I would love to see someone try that with a Hoosier tyre.


Meeting Final time and after two great races the crowd were expecting another good showing from the V8ís. The sun had gone in behind the clouds and the drivers didnít disappoint. The meeting final started with some peoples tip for the win 124 Dave Miles Snr retiring with a flat tyre after the rolling lap. 135 Roy Williams lead the field for the first 4 laps chased by the 466 of Michael Moore having his best run of the day. On lap 5 466 Moore moves for the lead and is helped by the chasing pack all tripping over each other as 135 spins in turn 3-4 and gets collected by 81 Dave Moss and 371 Peter Faggerter. As we head to Ĺ distance the race order was: 466, 2 rob Beale, 895 Daniel Moss, 98 Peter Scott , 81, 324 Simon Turner , 323 John Turner , 29 Mark Williams, 35 Bruce Joplin who starting from the rear was making good progress and looking like he was getting to terms with his machinery. Only for disaster to strike for the white grade driver and a retirement in turns 1-2 a couple laps later. It took until lap 11 for anyone to challenge 466 for the lead and that challenge came from the 2 car. As the three to go boards came out 98 and 895 both pass 466 and the 98 car looked likely to complete the triple. It was however a task too much for the veteran as the 2 car was just too hard to catch.

 Final Standings : Final - 2 Robert Beale, 98 Peter Scott, 895 Daniel Moss, 466, 81, 324, 323, 29, 3, 371.

Heat 1 - 98 Peter Scott, 895, 466, 2, 324, 124, 29, 371, 323, 81.
Heat 2 - 98 Peter Scott, 895, 324, 29, 81, 323, 466, 371, 3, 35.
Final - 2 Robert Beale, 98 Peter Scott, 895 Daniel Moss,
466, 81, 324, 323, 29, 3, 371.
Meeting report, by Brad Moss.

















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